JMS Legacy, the Suffolk-based, family-owned management company supporting businesses across the construction and environmental sectors, has announced today that it has acquired G C Robertson & Associates (GCR), a renowned engineering consultancy firm founded by Graham Robertson in 1974.  

Led by John Davis, GCR and his staff has gained an incredible reputation in the sector, and for almost five decades, GCR has provided exceptional engineering advice to its clients and partners with proven industry knowledge and experience. The collaboration with JMS will secures GCR’s future and allows it to grow. With the additional access to a 50-strong team of engineering specialists and consultants who work across a wide range of sectors, GCR will also have access to and support from JMS Legacy’s established software and business management infrastructure.  

GCR said about the collaboration, “With 50 years of successful history, the moment has arrived for GCR to join hands with JMS. Our path has been defined by unwavering dedication, and a steadfast commitment to our clients. This collaboration marks the threshold to a new era of growth and a convergence of capabilities and a shared vision.” 

This acquisition stands as an important milestone in our business journey,” stated Daniel Staines, CEO of JMS Legacy. “In alignment with our strategic vision to offer a comprehensive spectrum of engineering services, this collaboration represents a significant step forward for both us and East Anglia. We are ready to capitalise on the growth prospects thanks to GCR’s formidable expertise and their strong local reputation in Suffolk.”

Fellow Director, Anna-Maria Staines says “JMS continues with its commitment to building a legacy in the construction and environment sectors. We look forward to opportunities to work with and to continue to expand our portfolio of businesses across the construction industry and beyond.” 

The collaboration between the two firms means that GCR’s clients will have a wider range of services, technology and expertise to fulfil the needs of a variety of projects.  


Image credit – SimplyC photography

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